Thursday, April 28, 2011


I have officially turned the quiet, easy going baby into a BRAT.

There is some fine line between the neglected baby that is "easy going because they had to be" and the baby that is treated my version of normal that "realizes if they demand something they will probably get it" that I do not know how to walk.

Case in old key board I had to put in front of my current key board so baby can sit on my lap and pound on the old one while I blog on the current one.

Just sayin'...BRAT.


MamaSalmon said...

bahahaha.! how cute.

bobbie shell said...

regardless, she is such a cute brat! crazy that "cuteness" lessens the frustration associated with brattiness. oh well. she's happy and WELL taken care of.

Rebecca said...

Funny you mention that, because the same thing has happened with my last 2 foster babies. They started out so easy-going, and then both turned into little monsters after figuring out that I come running if they need anything.

Such a hard line to walk. You want them to fell loved and have their needs met, but you don't want a monster on your hands!