Thursday, April 14, 2011

High Alert.

You gotta love when someone from your foster agency calls and you don't get to the phone in time and you call them back immediately, but they don't answer.

5 million thoughts run through your head, well, at least through my head.

Is something wrong?

Are you girls being moved?

Are they calling about a placement?

Is she calling me about something I forgot to do?

Why did they call?

Why aren't they answering?


What was the phone call about you ask?

Oh, they needed bio mom's current phone number. You know, because she got mad at them 3 weeks ago and chucked her phone up against a wall and had to get a new one.

Not that they know why the number changed.

Or would care that she is still having anger issues.

You know, because none of that matters.

All this from one phone call.

Can you tell I need a vacation?


Rebekah said...

Praying God's perfect peace on you and Ben.

Endless Love ~ Amazing Grace said...

And a well deserved vacation:)

Penelope {Foster2Forever} said...

Have a relaxing time on vacation! Have you entered the adoption necklace giveaway?