Saturday, April 30, 2011


This morning I dropped the girls off at their baby sitter's house. I was SO glad to see it was a NORMAL house, NORMAL people, GOOD area...because in foster care you never know what you are going to get.

I took the girls in the house and then when they scampered into the play room I darted out the door. I didn't want to leave any of them crying, we had said our goodbyes when I put them in the car at our house so we wouldn't be scaring them when we dropped them off.

The people who are watching them seem great. I think the girls actually might have a lot of fun there so that made me feel better.

I would have never dreamed after EVERYTHING that has been going on that I would be crying as I pulled out of their drive way. As soon as I was down the road a bit I had the urge to go get all my girls and take them with us. I missed them and it had only been 10 minutes at best.

I thought I would feel relieve and would want to do cartwheels all the way home, but instead I was thinking about how they will need to be able to go on our next vacation because I want them with me...even if they drive me nuts. :)


mamamargie said...

We are strange creatures, us foster moms, aren't we. :)

Debbie said...

Aww, enjoy your time apart. You need a break even if you do miss them like crazy.
Glad the house and people were normal.

Learning To Abandon said...

Isn't it amazing how those kids have a way of grabbing our hearts? Sometimes, after I put my little sisters to bed, I find myself back in their room after they fall asleep. I can't stand being apart...for too long at least!

I'm glad they're in a great respite family and I'm sure they will have tons of fun...the time away will make the reunion all the better! Enjoy your deserve it!