Thursday, April 28, 2011


I never in a million years would I have thought finding respite care for these three little girls would turn into such a mess considering I gave them THREE WEEKS notice.

Lizzy's social worker did nothing. She didn't try to find a home, even though I think she was trying to pretend she was and in all honesty I am pretty sure she was hoping we would cancel the trip if she didn't find anyone to watch Lizzy. I am not entirely sure what would have really happened had things not gotten worked out, but I did keep picturing myself sitting at the agency on Friday with my little girls and their bags telling them that I was leaving and they would just have to find someone because I would NOT be taking them home with me that night.

In my head, while I was mad, that imagine seemed all find and good, and then I would starting thinking about how darn traumatic that would be for them and that was when I started calling EVERYONE. I called supervisors, licensing workers, social workers, I called everyone that I could think of to GET THESE PEOPLE TO DO THEIR JOBS!

My two little girls' worker did find them a place to go right after I asked her to...and then it feel through. So, on the same day I found out Lizzy's worker wasn't even trying to find a place for her to go I found out that the other baby sitter had fallen through as well. Talk about STRESS!!! That is when I started making phone calls.

At the end of the day it was the little girls' worker that found all three of my girls a place to go, thanks for nothing Lizzy's worker, and she called me as relieved as I was that she had found someone.

Now, this is where it gets even crazier. The foster mom she found to watch them is a "last call" foster mom. I talked to her on the phone for over an hour and she is the foster home that will take the teenagers that get kicked out of their foster home, she takes the hard-ish medical cases, she never says no. Praise God for people like this BUT she already has 8 kids in her home right now!!! The thought of dropping my girls off here would have made me cry had I not had a chance to talk to her. Thankfully her other kids are older so they are more of a help than my little girls are and she just wanted to help and wanted the girl to be able to stay together.

So, they will be dropped off Saturday morning. It will be interesting I am sure. I am so thankful for her, I am just hoping I won't be dropping an atomic bomb on their house by leaving my little monster there for a week.


Not Just A Birth Mom said...

SO glad you all found a place for them to go- you deserve a vacation!! I know the foster mom already has a lot on her plate, but it sounds like she can handle it :) I'm sure she wouldn't have agreed if she didn't think she could handle it :)
Have fun on your trip!

Justine said...

I am a new foster parent and I am seriously considering doing respite-only after the 2 foster kids currently in my home go to their birth mom "next month" (or the next.) Your post is encouraging to me, since I could help out other foster parents (although the fact that the 4 year old is finally settling in makes me want to take another longer term placement.)

I'm sure the girls will be fine!

StarfishMom said...

Crazy. If the workers would have done their jobs it shouldn't have turned out this way. I don't understand. I'm glad they got to stay together though :/

His Hands His Feet Today said...

You may be surprised... us moms with lots of kids are pretty darn good at it :)

Have fun!!!!

ashley said...

I'm so glad you found a home for them! She sounds like a Saint! I'm so thrilled you're going to get a break! Have fun :-)