Friday, April 15, 2011


My kids like to destroy stuff.

They are actually pretty good at it and sometimes you have to give them props on how creative they can be. Here you think you have the WHOLE room child proofed and then they find some black crayon they are hiding in the hem of their pants or something and color all over the $50 box your wedding dress is stored in. (Thank you for that Sabrina)

So, because I can look back and laugh (from pure insanity) at all the thing my kids have destroyed, I thought I would make a list for you all so you can laugh along with me:


(my person favorite)
1. She was playing with my keys in the driveway before I put her in the car and walked past my husband's company car and KEYED THE SIDE OF THE CAR with one nice 2 year old hand swipe. I thought I was going to die. Thankfully it was not that deep.

2. Ripped up several books, even if she loved them she would rip the pages and some how would rip the binding apart

3. She had a little lazy boy chair that her first foster mom got her that she managed to rip a hole in the fabric on the air and couldn't leave it alone until it looked so bad I threw it away.

4. Colored on my walls...several times.

5. Colored the ENTIRE side of the box my wedding dress is stored in with a black crayon. Did a very through job at it I might add.


1. Threw things at and into my light fixtures CONSTANTLY...never did manage to break one though.

2. We had those horse heads on a stick toys, 3 of them, and he managed to break every single one of them.


1. Threw things at our $1500 TV so many times that a red line appeared at the top of the TV screen.

2. Helped Tina break Tina's bedroom door right off the hinge.

3. Colored all over my bathroom with blue marker.

4. Took the baby's bottle and squirted milk all over 3 bag chairs, took the baby's bottle and squirted milk all over a 5 foot section of the tile floor and rubbed it around, and took the baby's bottle and squirted milk on my band new carpet.


1. Has ruined any book I have every let her walk around the house with.

2. Helped Lizzy break her bedroom door off the hinge.

3. Colored all over my walls several times.

4. Has thrown things at my TV, has yet to make contact though.

5. Ruins any toy that has hair.

That is all I can come up with right now. It makes poor Kellen look like a saint, but I think it is just because I have blocked his shenanigans out of my mind. Oh, he did pee all over a pile of my husband's clothes once. That was nice.

It just makes me laugh at this point.

Also makes me feel a little insane to keep doing this.

What is the funniest/not really funny thing your foster child has destroyed?


StarfishMom said...

Sounds like MY two who are {by the way} HOME now. We'll see how long THAT lasts...Yes. Insanity is the reason we keep on doing this. That, and just cuz we're purely CRAZY!!!

ashley said...

I love this, definitely laughed with you :). My two favorites are: Sabrina's keying your husband's car. (this might have led me to have a stroke but as you said it wasn't deep so then I'd recover.)Lizzy and Tina breaking the door right off the on earth did they accomplish such a task?

Rebecca said...

Nothing that my children have destroyed is as annoying as the one child who hid poop around the house. Repeatedly. I can deal with just about anything other than poop that is not in a diaper or toilet. :)

Learning to Parent said...

My two little boys are destroyers too - I kind of thought maybe it was because they were boys but I guess not! The littlest one (almost 2) likes to destroy every book. Even board books, he will just bend the spine repeatedly the wrong way until they break. Those lift-and-look books he just pulls the tabs off, any toy with hinges is promptly snapped in two (or more) pieces or else just taken apart. Sometimes I give them toys and I am amazed at how quickly they figure out how things come apart and how to do it. :)

Ginger Perry said...

Savannah has managed to break her book shelf. It is now propped up with her books.

Donald has thrown a Sprite from the ver back of my van to the very front of my van.

Mason has took apart every toy that he has either brought to the house or ha gotten while he's been here. He has also broke his dresser.

What makes it bad is, they are 10, 11, and 7 respectively. They know better. It's horrible. You look at them like what in the world are you thinking.

Oh and Savannah has hit 3 people in the face with balls. Gave one black eye, one broken tooth, and one swollen nose. Lets just say we have to watch her.

Denver Laura said...

Our 20 month old would peel stickers off of everything. EVERYTHING. While it came in handy when purchasing books at the thrift store, she would peel them off of things that were supposed to have them. Like the sit and spin. And the play kitchen. And the doctor kit that she got from the pediatrician.