Saturday, April 9, 2011

Up and Downs.

Lizzy hasn't had a visit with her "legal dad" she hates in 4 weeks! One thing or another has prevented him from coming. It has been awesome. Lizzy is still on track to be returned to her mom in June. There has been a hiccup here or there but nothing that should throw the train off the tracks.

She is enjoying her visits with her mom and bio dad a lot and is giving them the same scream-y attitude she gives me. It is just her, that is who she is.
As for my 2 sisters, apparently some time between March 15th and March 22nd the judge signed in agreement with his referee to send the girl to the state in which their parents currently are living, which is not where I live. As you can see, they are still here. That is because the state their parents live in is refusing to take the case. The judge said "Send the to the Child Protect Services in the state their parents live in", unlike the referee that said either do that or totally dismiss the case and give them back to their parents. So, our agency has been told by the state agency NOT to return the children or move them and that they are contesting the judge's order.
It will not surprise me that when the judge finds out that the children have not been moved he will have a hearing threatening to hold someone in contempt of court. At which point maybe he will decide to dismiss the case. Who knows. They are still here, but aren't supposed to be.

Interesting huh?

So, that is where we are at.
I am not looking forward to having the girl's moved. When Lizzy leaves I know she will be going to people she knows, loves, and is comfortable with. I just cannot forget the look on the baby's face when I handed her over to her bio mom for that one visit. She just looked at me like, "Are you kidding me???" When I finally have to give her to who ever she ends up going to I am going to feel like I betrayed her.

She thinks I am mom.

I get no say.

Neither does she.


Felicia said...

I totally understand being mom but not being mom. It sucks having no power.

La Mama Loca said...

Grrrr so much wrong with that situation...but your hands are tied! I guess just be happy they haven't turned them back over to their parents....around here, that seems to be the norm. In home cases are about all that is happening now...which basically means CPS does nothing, just has a paper trail.