Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Oh Lizzy.

You know, life after TPR is so much easier. No visits (I HAVE BEEN DOING VISITS WITH BIO PARENTS FOR AROUND 3 YEARS STRAIGHT!)....gosh, just the fact that there are no visit has changed so much around here.

I can't believe the stress that was attached to those visits! I can't really even explain how horrible it is to have to take your (foster) child to a visit with someone they are scared of, don't want to be alone with, and that is a danger to their long term care.

It is just so crazy.

Since the TPR Trial I have not heard from anyone, as in the social workers and such. I believe very much that mom and dad will NOT appeal, but once the time is up...well, I guess I will just check that off my list. Excited for the adoption paper work to start.

Lizzy's next hearing, to make sure that the adoption is moving along, is the day before my scheduled c-section. Hopefully we will have a bit of progress by then.


Our Journey said...

Visits are really stressful! I was so happy when Little Man's stopped. Peace :)

Ginger Perry said...

I hate visits! WE haven't had a visit since last May, and now they are giving the bio mom a "good-bye" visit this Friday. It has been SOOOO stressful this week. Attitudes running like crazy!

Debbie said...

Our visits with Grandma weren't terrible but it is amazing how stress free life is without them now. Two months of no visits with her.