Thursday, September 22, 2011


I feel like I don't know where I even left off, but let's start with the day of court. It takes me over an hour to drive to the court house. It was raining, I had Lizzy with me and there were at least 3 detours because of construction on the way there. Tons of fun.

I showed up 10 minutes early. At 9:30am they called the case in...but my worker nor the dhs worker was there. The referee said that he had a termination trial at 10 am so time was limited. The lawyers chatted about how this is typical of my agency while the referee's court reporter got dad and mom on the phone so they could "participate". Finally, 15 minutes late, my worker and the dhs worker walk in. We have 15 minutes in which to "decide" what path Lizzy's life should head down so they get started.

Basically the referee was not thrilled with the report the worker wrote and everyone basically chatted about wanting to change the goal from reunification to termination. Dad doesn't want that and the Referee wants to see a list that contains everything DHS and our agency has done from day one to reunify this child to her parents.

I felt like everyone was annoyed with our agency and nothing changed, nothing was barely discussed. Visits stay the same, mom stated that she would like me to adopt Lizzy and that she would sign papers to that effect. What I was hoping for the most was that they would discuss suspending dad's visits, but under the circumstances there was no appropriate time to do that.

The Referee asked that my agency write up a termination petition within 28 days and then scheduled a hearing for 3 months from now. I think if they accept the petition they will schedule a trial...I don't know what that does or doesn't do to the next hearing that is scheduled.

After it was over my worker knew that she looked dumb and stated that to me later on the phone. I really like her and I think she will do better next time. I am basically writing my own report to give her, and now that I am thinking about giving it to Lizzy's lawyer and the Judge as well, of basically everything that has happened in the past 18 months of this child's life. I want the worker, who has been on this case for 3 months, to have something to work with. I guess recently Dad just admitted that he is living with a new girlfriend who has had her children removed as well. Based on everything going on with him I think Lizzy has a good shot of being free from him eventually. Until then we still will have these ridiculous visits to deal with.


Mrs. Bird said...

Wow. Just wow...praying for all of you.

kate said...

I hope you're feeling better having written this.

I think you will feel much better if you write that report--and send it to everyone. It will at least make you feel like someone is speaking up, honestly and her best intentions at heart, for Lizzy.

So sorry to hear that your agency's reputation was harmful in this. But, it sounds like Mom is reasonable and there is much to keep her from the harm of legal-Dad. In all, it was productive. They just let you hope for more than was going to happen.

Lifting you all up!

Kelly said...

So frustrating when workers aren't prepared. BTDT. Ifyou have read my blog for very long you have heard me talk about my kid's cousins that are in foster care and have a TPR hearing in Nov. They were placed with us three years ago and the worker did not do her job and the children were sent home to a drug dealing grandmother (she is serving a 19 year sentence) and now three years and 9 moves later they are finally terminating (hopefully) the parents rights.

Sorry about the visits. UGH

CherubMamma said...

Everything sounds like typical CPS craziness. Except those visits. I will never be able to wrap my brain around those visits. Hang in there my dear!!

Debbie said...

Thank you for continuing to share honestly about her case. It really helps me being new to foster care.
All I can think it that this is hopefully nearing the end. Hopefully the next hearing will be to Lizzy's benefit.