Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Wed. 10 am:

Meeting at which the social worker will present to her supervisor and the DHS worker over both of them that she would like to ask the court to change the goal from reunification to termination.

the following Monday:

Court date at which the social worker, in agreement with the DHS worker and Lizzy lawyer, will ask that the court changes the goal from reunification to termination.

If the court agrees the social worker than has to submit to the court a new report stating all the reasons Lizzy cannot be returned to her legal parents.

Then she hands it off to someone in our county to look over it. hopefully less than 3 months the person she handed it off to will do what they need to do and a termination trial will be scheduled at which time they will terminate all parental rights.

We will see how all that works out.


Kelli said...

Are you guys still considering adoption if her rights are terminated?

Debbie said...

So many steps to do what's right for one sweet small child. Praying it all keeps moving forward with no detours.

kate said...

It seems like so many steps...

If her mom "signed over her rights" as she's offered to so many times, would it be faster/easier/less open to error? Is it even possible?