Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Yesterday I drove all the way to the visit that Legal dad insisted that he would be there for...only to find out at the last minute, after someone from the agency had already drove for over an hour to go get him, he canceled.

The best part is Lizzy was acting weird all day (you could tell a sickness was coming on) and I had to wake her up in the middle of her nap to take her to said visit...and while I was in the waiting room right after the worker told me that he wasn't coming SHE PUKED ALL OVER ME.

That was a great way to top off that jerk man canceling.


Kelli said...

oh my gosh! When is this going to end? He never shows up, is taking total advantage of everyone involved and doesn't care about her anyway. Hope Lizzy feels better soon and no one else gets it!!

Ann said...

Just found your blog recently. Praying for you today. Hope Lizzy feels better soon.

Diane said...

Hope Lizzy is doing better. I hope you let them clean up their own waiting room! LOL.

If the agency drives an hour to get the dad, they should let you wait until AFTER they pick him up to leave with Lizzy, even if it means he has to wait at the agency for a little while. When we have habitually canceling parent, they have to confirm by phone 24 hours in advance AND then show up for the visit before the child gets picked up when CPS transports the child.