Thursday, September 29, 2011


Back when we had our first foster child, Sabrina, things sure did seem easier. That isn't what this is about, but boy has a lot happened.

I remember one time, when Sabrina was having unsupervised weekend visits with her mom, God decided to show me Who He is and the connection that he had put between me and that little girl.

It was around that time when I knew Sabrina's mom (well, Grandma actually) would be making the hour drive to bring Sabrina back to us. I remember standing in the kitchen doing dishes and I suddenly got the feeling something was not right. I tried to shake it off because every once in a while I would worry that they wouldn't bring her back and I would try to not think about it. I shook it off once or twice, but by the third time it felt like something (or someone) had knocked me in the back of the head and said in an inaudible voice "GO PRAY FOR HER, SHE IS IN TROUBLE!'

My husband and son were out in the driveway playing basket ball and I ran outside and told them that I felt like we needed to pray for Sabrina right now. We held hands and my husband prayed that God would keep our little girl safe no matter what was going on.

After that I walked back into the house. About one minute later my cell phone rang, it was Sabrina's mom. She shakily told me about how they were almost in a terrible car accident and she had no idea how they had managed to avoid it. I stood there in shock, rarely do you find out so quickly why God told you to do something. I told Sabrina's mom that that was amazing because I had JUST felt the strong urge to go pray for them...but, the concept of God and prayer I could tell was a bit lost on her.

There is a bond between me and that little girl that is something only God could have put there. I literally begged Him to put that there, "to please put a bond between me and a child I don't even know that is so strong no one would ever understand it". A bond that after 8 months of her never seeing us led her mom to letting us back in her life.

Monday I felt like I should call Sabrina's mom and check on them. I texted her and said "hey, hows it going?" She replied, "I just got home from the hospital, my mom has pneumonia." After I offered to help if she needed anything I told her I would call her Wednesday to see if they needed anything.

On Wednesday she told me that Grandma is still in the hospital. She has pneumonia AND a blot clot in her lung and the Dr. said she won't be coming home anytime soon. Sabrina and her mom are staying at a friend's house (I don't see why they can't stay at their house, maybe it is because the would have no transportation since Grandma is in the hospital?) I guess one of Sabrina's mom's uncles has flown in to help, or maybe just visit his sister, I don't know.

I thought it was ironic that all that was going on the day that I felt like I needed to check on them. I don't know if I will be able to help or not. If something was to happen to Grandma I just can't even imagine what that would mean for Sabrina and her mom, but I am trying to not let my brain go there. Eventually I am sure she will be fine.


CherubMamma said...

I will join you in prayer for their family!!

Debbie said...

Wow! What an amazing story of the connection and bond. I think of Sabrina often and pray for her every time I do, will add Grandma to those prayers.

Endless Love ~ Amazing Grace said...

Some bonds are incredible! !

Diane said...

They might not sleep at your house anymore, but some never really "leave".