Monday, July 4, 2011


Yesterday both of Lizzy's parents called to talk to her.

I didn't answer either one.

Mom seems to call to talk to her when she wants to show off to who ever she is with that she can talk to her "any time she wants" which sounds ridiculous I know, but she is odd like that.

Dad really just wanted to check on her. Lizzy sometimes gets upset after talking to him. She wants to see him and gets very irritated that I can't just take her to see him. We were out as a family and I didn't want to send her into a tail spin by letting her talk to him.

I texted them both separately and told them I would have her call them today.

Dad called this morning and talked to her. She was happy to hear from him.

I am sure mom isn't worried about it now that there isn't anyone she is trying to show off to.

*Update-mom called too but it was to say that she would be too busy to have a visit with her this week. I tried to call her back but it now says that her phone has been disconnected just two hours after she called me. This seems a little crazy to me, I guess we'll see what happens.


Learning To Abandon said...

I'm losing old is Lizzy? 2.5?
Glad she was able to talk to her dad for a little bit, and that he is putting forth the effort to do so!

Happy 4th!!

MamaFoster said...

yes, 2 and a half :)

happy 4th!

mamamargie said...

Still hoping all works out with Dad.

Beck G. said...

Glad things are working out for dad. Sad about mom though. SO typical. And glad you are enjoying those special moments with Lizzy. Those are the times you will remember.