Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I am so over it when it comes to Lizzy's case. I don't even want to talk about it anymore, the only reason I am is because I mentioned that visit.

He came in, she cried and clung to me like she was scared to death.

We went in, she laid on me and would whine when he talked to her. The social worker asked me to try leaving the room to see how she acted so my son and I walked toward the door-this was after she had warmed up to the social worker and was coloring with her. I started to leave and she wasn't sure about that, but the social worker told her that I was just going to the bathroom and that it was ok and she was ok with that. I walked out the door and stood out of site for a minute to see what she would do. She asked about me again and the social worker said "she'll be right back" and she was ok with that.

I spent the rest of the visit out in the waiting room. Lizzy played with the social worker and her therapist (who I didn't mention was there all during this as well).

There was a lot of other things I didn't mention, like that I was super annoyed that he was even there. That he was 20 minutes late to the visit. That someone from my agency literally drove to his house and picked him up...it just all annoys me.

Anyway, when it was over Lizzy walked out the door, she wasn't acting scared of him anymore and he kissed her on the mouth good bye and i wanted to throw up. I know I didn't hide my disgust and I literally walked right from him to the bathroom with her and washed her hands, arms, face, & lips with soap because he is gross.

I was even more horrified that now that I have gotten her so she isn't terrified of everyone it is going to bite me in the butt because if the social worker says the visits are going fine I won't be able to get them stopped.

I just want to scream.


CherubMamma said...

That is one messed up case!! I feel for you and for Lizzy!

Carol said...

I so get it. We have an equally disgusting case. The system stinks, stinks, stinks. And no matter how hard you work at doing what is right of the child, nobody gets it.

Endless Love ~ Amazing Grace said...

I am so sorry

Mama P said...

:( I don't even have anything to say, other than I know...I truly know.

Sending you the biggest hugest hugs that can be sent over the internet. (((hugs)))

La Mama Loca said...

So sorry for the whole situation! It is not right on so many levels!! Praying for God to guide and protect this little one, wherever she goes!

Debbie said...

No words just praying.