Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I got a call today. It was a two in one. "We have two different situations we would like you to consider..."

a three year old caucasian boy.

a six year old caucasian boy.

I think they throw in the caucasian part in hopes it will "sweeten the pot". I am as white as white can be. I burn every. single. time I am in the sun. But, sorry stereo typing agency...I like my babies white, tan, brown, red and maybe even purple.


When I hear "mixed" I get excited. Anyway. That is not the point of this post.

I said no, to both.

Six...too old for this family. Three...apparently still too old plus too close in age to Lizzy who screamed for the six months my other little girls were here.

The worker was very nice, I told him that we would take back ANY of our previous children, but as we move forward we need to keep things to 18 months and younger for now.

I am still a little shocked I am actually sticking to "my" guidelines. I guess I am finally learning how to say no.


Tammy (aka. "Mimi") said...

Yeah... I think the longer we do this, the more we learn that sticking to what WE KNOW is best for ourselves and our families will ultimately be best for any children who come into our home as well. Good for you for standing firm!

Carol said...

Our home is licensed for 2. Last week we got a call to take the newborn 1/2 sib of a 5 yr old girl we have adopted. That's a no brainer. Of course, cuz new baby is already family.

Oh, forgot to tell you that we already had/have sib brother and sister group who have been here 17 mo (they were newborn and 14 mo when they came).

My math says that we now have 3 on a license for 2.

A bit ago the licensing/placement worker called about something else and without looking and even knowing we got a newborn on Friday, said that she had 13 kids to place and hadn't found a home for even one. One of the 13 is a newborn. Our known favorite. If we had said yes that newborn would be here. We did agree that if tonight they don't have a place for that baby it can come here until they find some place for it.

Carol said...

Forgot to congratulate you on knowing what is best for you and your family and sticking to it.

MamaFoster said...

carol! congrats on the new baby!!!!

and where is MY new born?!?! :) i sometimes think that because i am with an agency we don't get as many babies. but i see other foster parents with tiny babies so i know we get them sometimes.

i am ok for right now, enjoying the "easy" life while awaiting our next one :)

Learning To Abandon said...

Good for you, sticking to those guidelines! I think I need to make a mental note to re-read this post when I'm a foster mom and am having trouble saying "no" to kids. (I already know it's gonna be one of my many weakness')

Foster Mama said...

I am so proud of you! Saying no is so hard...

Congrats Carol on your newborn! Especially a sibling... it is great to keep the kiddos together! :)

Endless Love ~ Amazing Grace said...

Good for you:)

Pipsylou said...


Pipsylou said...

my two favorite words are "caucasian" and "spirited". ha.