Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Well, apparently some obscure male relative (a cousin of some sort) to Lizzy's mom is calling the agency wanting a home study done because he wants Lizzy. He is upset because they have done nothing yet to get Lizzy into his home.

This is the first I have heard of this.

The new worker told me his name and I called Lizzy's bio dad and her mom's aunt and neither of them knew who he was. I asked if he was married and the worker said she didn't know. He better be married because I don't want some creepy man coming after Lizzy by himself. That just doesn't seem right.

I am trying to figure out how to get bio dad a lawyer (without paying for it) so that purhaps Lizzy can go to him.

The social worker asked me if I want to adopt Lizzy because at the next court hearing she may petition to TPR. We have decided not to adopt Lizzy. The best thing I can do it try to help her bio dad, at least in my opinion that is the best I can do. Do any of you know how I could get him a lawyer?


Carol said...

You could check out legal aid if one is avaiable in your area. We have a bio (not) dad using legal aid cause he hs immagration problems.

Mary said...

He should automatically have a Public Defender appointed to him if he cannot afford a lawyer.

Ummm- Yeah, Kind of scary that Lizzy's bio dad and mom's aunt don't know who this man is. I hope things work out for Lizzy & her dad!

Carol said...

Oh and out of the wood work relatives are the best! NOT!!!

Anonymous said...

Frightening! We had a 'cousin' come out of nowhere with our little guy. He was single... it just seemed odd. In the end, he waited too long and the judge said no, but it was overwhelming and worrisome. He had a bad vibe... my gut would do flipflops whenever he was around.

Anonymous said...

I think bio dad would only get a public defender if he was being accused of a crime and couldn't afford a lawyer for his own defense.
Since you have plenty of free time (LOL!!!) my suggestion would be to try contacting lawyers who specialize in family law to see if they are taking any pro bono cases.
You could also contact the law schools of the universities in your state to see if they have programs where law students get to "practice" law with a licensed attorney who supervises them.