Monday, May 23, 2011


I talked to Joseph's foster mom today. (Joseph is a toddler that my family was on the fast track to adopting when we basically out of no where got real with our selves and decided not to adopt him because of several delays we did not feel equipped to handle).

Since we decided to NOT adopt him 2 other families have met him, spent time with him, and then decided not to adopt him.

There are no words.

These other families are looking to adopt special needs and one of them said that even they didn't feel comfortable adopting him with all his needs.

His foster mom is struggling right now. She is carrying the rejection for him and wants him in his permanent home. He is acting out right now, has a terrible time sleeping, and is showing signs of feeling the rejection as well.

It breaks my heart and make me feel like we are to blame. If we had just gone through with it all this wouldn't be happening. I just fear that all new problems would have come up eventually with him here. He has spent almost his whole life in foster care.

I can't wait for the day HIS family finds him. Lord, please bring them soon.


Endless Love ~ Amazing Grace said...

I pray for peace in his little spirit.

Kelli said...

praying for his forever family to be found quickly!!

mamamargie said...

His family is out there ... somewhere. Praying he doesn't have to wait much longer. Praying for peace for you.

FootPrints said...

you are not to blame my friend. you and your family did the right thing. HIS family is out there and will come along.

Debbie said...

HE WILL find his family. You are not to blame in any way. Had you adopted him and not been able to provide for him he'd be no better off.
His foster mom can handle the needs he has now which means she's the best place for him. At least I'm hoping she can handle the needs.
Praying for you and praying for him and his foster mom.