Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Tina is potty training herself. The picture above is of the baby sitting on the potty, fully clothed, because since Tina is obsessed with the potty the other two have to be too.

And they don't get it.

And having 3 toddlers running in and out of my bathroom is driving me nuts.

But...how do you say no to "Can I go pee on the potty?" She is just so excited when she asks. Girlfriend gets it too. She climbs up on the potty in the most weird way I have ever seen and then sits and totally pees. It is awesome. I act all excited and give her a piece of candy so then SHE is all excited. And then the two other ones who did NOT pee in the potty get a piece of candy too. Cuz...I am a push over like that.

So, Tina is working on it, I am allowing her to "pee on the potty" when she wants...but I am not really working on it. She can just go at her own pace. We'll see how that goes.


Mrs. Bird said...

Great!!! B's been potty-trained for awhile and E just now REALLY getting it! They both def need to be completely out of diapers by the end of the summer :)

Kelli said...

yeah!! I love it when they finally "get it" and the candy part....lol!!

Debbie said...

That's awesome! And so cute that they all want to try.