Wednesday, May 18, 2011



Today was bad. All kinds of bad.

It was so weird because I knew it was going to happen. I just KNEW it. I don't know why, but I did.

So, this is probably going to turn into a long store. Lizzy had a visit scheduled today with her mom. Bio dad usually does everything for her. He wakes her up in the morning, gets her pills for her, drives her everywhere, he does EVERYTHING.

Well, mom had an uncle that passes away a day or two ago. Mom is not mentally stable at all. If anything rocks her boat...well, it capsizes. So, anyway, Mom was staying with a relative so bio dad wasn't there to do everything for her. The visit was scheduled for 9 am. Well, 9 am came and went and she didn't come. I texted her and she didn't answer. I knew she was sleeping. So, I called bio dad, who was at work, and told him. I think he called all the relatives in the house until one answered because I got a call from mom at 9:20 am saying "I'm up...I'm up....I'm up...I'm coming."

Awesome, I have been sitting here waiting and she has literally been in bed sleeping.

So, at 9:45 am she comes walking in. Her eyes are almost swollen shut. She has some scrapes on her face and is VERY jittery. Very.

Even with her acting so crazy the social worker is letting Lizzy go with her UNSUPERVISED AND says that because mom is late (if I agree to it) she can still have her full 5 hour visit.

At this point mom notices that Lizzy pooped her pants and walks with me and the supervisor back into the back — she was going to change Lizzy's diaper and I was going to talk to the social worker.

Well, as I am talking to the social worker she remembers something she needed to ask mom. She leaves me in the room and goes and gets mom and takes her and Lizzy into the supervisor's office.

At this point I leave. I went to my sister's house and for some reason I kept watching my phone expecting the agency to call me to come get Lizzy because...well, it is so hard to explain. I KNEW mom was all wired up. I knew she was mad at the social worker. I could tell she hadn't taken her meds that morning...

I just knew what COULD happen.

And it did.

I actually got a call from mom first. She was back at her aunt's house...without Lizzy. She had gotten into a fight with the social worker, called her a B**** and a liar. She claims that the social worker was lying to her supervisor about mom. Mom LOST it and I guess they threatened to call the police on her and she took off, leaving for Lizzy crying in the office. She was yelling and crying all at the same time when she was talking to me. I asked how long ago this happened and she said about 15 minutes ago.

I was very confused about why the agency had not called me yet to come get Lizzy.

About 10 minutes later I get a call, not from the social worker or supervisor, from the receptionist saying, "You can come get Lizzy now." No explanation, nothing.

So, I drove back and got her. The social worker asked to talk to me. She asked me to please not have any more contact with mom. No phone calls, nothing, and said "This could get very messy." That is all the info she gave me.

After all of this I talked to bio dad. He was so mad. He got into a huge fight with mom about all of it and as of this afternoon they both texted me and said that they broke up. If they actually STAY broken up this will be the end for Lizzy's mom. She is not capable of finishing this without him. She. Will. Not. Do. It.

Lizzy was ok. She wasn't crying when I got there and acted fine the whole rest of the day. I did baby her a little though because this was nothing any child should have to deal with.

Oh, and just this week we decided to start telling all the "official people" that we are not interested in adopting her. Literally hours before this happened we told both her lawyer and social worker we are not interested in adopting Lizzy.

What timing.


MamaSalmon said...

After this incident with her -Mom-
are you reconsidering adopting Lizzy.?

Rebekah said...

Goodness. Does it ever end?

Beck G. said...

What a mess. :( Poor thing. Does this change anything for you?

Tammy (aka. "Mimi") said...

W.O.W... That's just all kinds of crazy mess! :(

FootPrints said...

Oh My Goodness!!
what a day!
thank god our agency has a policy that if the parent is 15 minutes late you can leave!

His Hands His Feet Today said...

Oh Leah :(
Praying for all involved.

StarfishMom said...

All I'm gonna say is that we should have a camera crew following us and our lives should be a reality TV show!!! So ridiculous!!!

Debbie said...

That's awful but perhaps in the long run good, if it means mom won't get her back.

Pipsylou said...

This is exactly why I don't have any direct contact with the bio parents except for dropping him off while the social worker is there. Can you do this? Seems to me you could avoid alot of stress that way. I just can't get involved in their drama or my head would spin off. Taking care of his daily needs is enough.

Kelli said...

This kind of reminds me of what used to happen with my cousin. mom would come in to visits at the office, all strung out, get mad at everyone for no reason, and be asked to leave. Then she would hide in the parking lot waiting for us to come out with her son so she could do who-knows-what but the police always had to come get her off the property. Nice memories of your mother, right? He was eventually adopted by the only foster parents he had so had a great life, despite being born to horrible people.

Heather said...

Wow...just wow. Really this is eye opening for me, seeing just how fast situations can crumble. Poor Lizzy.

ashley said...

Wow. I understand that people make mistakes. I don't understand not doing everything in your power to get your kids back. I don't understand short visits. I don't understand yelling at the social worker in front of Lizzy.