Sunday, September 9, 2012

Four of Six.

We went to see our kids yesterday. I put together a scavenger hunt list of things for them to find on our walk to dinner. Here we are stealing flowers from the bank that was thankfully closed :)

When I look at this picture all I can think is "There are four kids in this picture...and that isn't ALL of them!"

I am still adjusting to the thought of being a mama to six. There is no book that really prepares you for this.

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CherubMamma said...

I remember making that jump to six kids. I was petrified the first morning. seems relatively easy - all things considered. :)

Aspiring Foster Mama said...

I agree! The first two weeks was the hardest part for us, now I feel like 6 isn't a whole lot, which is good, since we'll likely have 7 at the end of the year. lol I am SOOOO excited for you. You are in store for so many blessings!

Teresa said...

I'm so happy for you! Every time you post an update about your kids I get chills. With everything you've gone through in foster care, it's so encouraging to see God prosper your family. Thank you for sharing your story.

Margie said...

We haven't made it past five, so six still sounds a little intimidating to me. I'm sure you'll do fine. :)