Friday, September 28, 2012

That was fast.

-my husband picked up the kids at 6:30 pm

-he & the kids picked up pizza

-they came home

-we showed them their rooms and beds (they were very excited)

-they played with toys

-they colored

-they ate

-they jumped on our living room furniture (a lot - my oldest bio led the way on that)

-they watched TV

-they snacked

-they brushed their teeth

-they ALL put on their bathing suits and playing in the tub for at least an hour making a huge soapy mess and ruining our soap

-they put on their PJs

-they snacked

-they watched tv and played dress up

-they raced down the stairs in their dress up clothes

- 10 pm (yes, THAT late) I told them it was time for bed

-they got drinks and went to the bathroom

-I read them a story (hubby read the boys a story, I read the girls a story)

-they crashed in no time flat  (except Lizzy who was very over stimulated and even she settled down within minutes)

Wish me luck with day two, all this was crammed into only THREE hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(We had a lot of fun by the way :) )


Allison said...

That sounds like an amazing first night!!

Mandy said...

I hope day 2 is going well!

Oldqueen44 said...

I think you had a wonderful first night with all the vhildren. Blessings

Stacey said...

Again, all my teeth are showing, I'm smiling that BIG!!