Saturday, September 1, 2012


The number one thing they SHOULD tell you in "foster care class" that they DON'T is that your foster child that you spend months falling in love with might be returned to the exact same crap they were taken out of.


This is reality.

Now, there are a few good changes in Sabrina's life. If nothing else, there are more healthy people that are active in her life since coming into foster care. I also believe that there is more than just that, but that isn't what this post is about.

Some families have to "worry" about where their next meal is coming from. Some are hard working wonderful families and some are lazy, cigarette smoking, occasional drug using families.

Money will always be an issue in Sabrina's house. They are the type of people that you could give a million dollars to and in 6 months it would be gone. Wasted. With only stupid stuff to show for it and no money to take care of the basics.

I believe when Sabrina says, "We have no food" she means "We have barely any food in the house and mom and grandma have been talking about how many days it will be until their food stamps card will be filled. They have probably been talking about going to a church to get donated food and when I ask if I can have something to eat I don't like any of the options."

Her mom had $9 on her when we picked her up. That is enough to buy food for a day or two. She spent $2 on starburst while we were out. We paid for everything else.

Mom heard Sabrina say this to me and said, "Yeah, we have to go grocery shopping. Grandma might be doing that right now."

For the most part I believe that. It's friday, some source of money probably came in. I am sure Sabrina was talking about what had gone on earlier this week.

Sabrina's mom has started getting child support again. It was off for a LONG time. Grandma drives school buses for a job and was off all summer. I am sure she doesn't budget for the summer's off.

This is their life.

I wish Sabrina lived in a house where food was NEVER an issue...but, it is. And it isn't the end of the world. If I EVER thought she was truly going without you KNOW I would drive down there and fill their cupboards and fridge for them.

I just hope if it ever gets that bad I know about it.

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Rebecca said...

Sabrina is lucky to have you in her life!

So hard to watch this kind of stuff!