Friday, September 21, 2012


Things are busy around here and there is a lot going on, but it all just seems normal.  My oldest is playing football and loves it.  His team is not very good, but he is doing great.

My baby is trying so hard to crawl.  She can get around, but isn't technically crawling yet.  She is 6 months old and a stinker, that is how we make them around here.  Her brown hair has turned almost red and she has the fiery temper to go with it.  For the most part she only wants me, but likes her dad, brother and sister.  She would prefer everyone else to just smile at her while one of us hold her.  She has her bottom two teeth and kept her pretty blue eyes.

Lizzy has been doing good.  She is saying all kinds of new words every day and uses them in the funniest sentences.  She is starting to act more like a 4 year old than a three year old, besides her biting a child at church the other day.  She will turn 4 in December.

Our other son lost his front two teeth last week and is being annoying in his class at school.  Awesome. :). Apparently he was chirping like a bird.  He will make life interesting around here I am sure.

The girls have been doing good.  Just being themselves I suppose.

We are going to see them Sunday again.  We are spending the night at a hotel on Saturday night after my work engagement that is out by where they live.  We are going to swim in the pool and then take them out to lunch.  Hopefully next weekend they will be coming to our house.  That should be interesting!

All is well, as is busy...I guess we better just get used to that!


Unknown said...

Normal is good! I love that you now have SIX kids to write about in a daily life update!

Unknown said...

Is your son excited for a brother?

Unknown said...

Wonderful anticipation!

Stacey said...

Somehow I can hear the roller coaster tick, tick, ticking in new forward motion. There are eight buckled in with their arms up in the air!! Looking forward to hearing SO much more!