Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Today I got a call from the new baby's new worker.  The work she had for the past month and half has changed positions and let me know at her last home visit that we would be getting a new worker and gave me the new worker's number.

Today I got another phone call from our agency (the new baby only has a DHS worker).  It was my sib group of three's worker's supervisor.  She was calling to let me know that their worker, after 3 months, had quit.  She started the conversation with, "as I am sure he already told you..." And 8 was like...um no.  I had no idea.  She also told me she has no idea when we will be assigned a new worker and ...yeah.

I just told her that we are fine and to not worry about us.  At this point the foster care stuff is just maintenance.  The only thing I care about is how the adoption stuff is going and I talk with the adoption worker plenty.

So, to sum things up, we have an almost two month old that is on worker number two already and a case that is three months old that we now have no worker for?  Nice.

Hey!  Lets play a game!  How many workers have you gone thru in your current case?


Onceuponatimemom said...

we are on GAL #2 she came in 10 months into the case and is now treating it like it is day one. uggg

Rachael said...

About a month and a half into our case we switched from an "intake" worker to a "management" worker, who has stayed the same for the last year and will stay with this case until it closes or transitions to an adoption worker (I hope to god our worker doesn't quit). We did just find out we're getting a new attorney, because sometimes they just switch them up for fun, and we've also had two judges so far.

Mitzy said...

2 judges, 3 lawyers, and 2 workers.

aka. Mimi said...

I've been pretty lucky when it comes to workers staying the length of the cases. (I use that term loosely in some cases. ;-) My current little guy is going to be the only one so far with multiple workers. He's had two in the two months he's been with me, and is about to change COUNTIES, so ALL of our workers will change with the exception of my agency.

JUDGES on the other hand... Seven kids, MULTIPLE hearings each, and I don't think I've ever seen the same judge twice!

CherubMamma said...

In a little over 19 months CPS has given us...

Deborah (not a "worker" - Deborah was a supervisor)
Annie (I never met her. We had an altercation over the phone the day of court and funny...she never really handled the case and it got passed off again. I think I scared her.)
Renee (not a "worker" - Renee was actually a supervisor too)
and then....back to Minnie

We've seen two judges and we've been through multiple lawyers/guardians (dual role) as well. There is no CASA on the case.

Carrie said...

I think I have had it pretty easy. First case we had the same worker for all 15 months. This time we are on worker #2. Unfortunately worker #1 did pretty much nothing so it was like starting from scratch 9 months in.

Katelyn said...

In our 14 month long case they had 5 different workers, 3 different supervisors, a GAL, and a CASA who quit. We ourselves have had 5 workers in the last 3 years.

Aspiring Foster Mama said...

We're on our 5th worker in 14 months.

Anonymous said...

I have been a CASA for about 2.5 years. In that time, the kid I work with has had 2 GALs, 2 assistant attorney generals, 2 educational advocates, and at least 5 "permanent" or interim social workers (who worked under 2 different supervisors). I also changed CASA supervisors once.

The judge and the mother's attorney are the only folks who have been on the case since before me.

Heliotrope Tree House said...

I certified to foster in December and I'm still waiting for my first placement. I am growing impatient, too. Does it usually take this long? So far, I've only seen the homefinder. I enjoy your blog so much. Any thoughts on the long wait?