Monday, February 18, 2013


Paperwork is moving.  It looks like we will probably be able to finalize the baby with the other three, but only because the other three's case is taking longer than expected.

We basically had three months added onto this wait because the social worker at our agency didn't file the financial papers for our newest son when he should have.  He took forever to do it.

He is also the one who just quit.


Things are still moving, just slowed than I thought.  They are hoping to get consent back by early March and substity is submitted already.

It will be so awesome and so weird when this is over!


La Mama Loca said...

Hopefully soon!! Then what will you do with all your free time??

Foster Mommy NY said...

We will start this process soon ourselves. I hope it all goes quickly for you, I know the waiting for it to be finalized is HARD! LOL I will you all the best! :-)

Mommy Linda's said...

I hope everything will go well for you. I was frustrated when it took us a year and three months after the birth parents lost parental rights for our adoption to be finalized. The birth mother claimed ten Native American tribes and the county had to hear back from each one of them. The county also was not in a hurry because the children were already in our home. I was frustrated then, but now that the birth family has contact again, there is no question about the adoption being rushed or paperwork not being filed right. Sometimes delays are a blessing.