Tuesday, February 26, 2013


One of my "new" kids is a two yr old little girl.  She looks like my Sabrina from behind when Sabrina  was two.

Anyway, she is starting to treat me like mom.  She is starting to act like I'm her mom.

It's awesome.

Her bio sister who is four yrs old is now missing her old foster family.  She says she likes us all the same, as in, she likes us as much as the old foster family.

I think I will take that as a compliment even though it doesn't feel like one.

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Bobbie said...

It will take time. :( But people are funny--when they are out of a situation they only remember the good or the bad. Just like a lot of these kids would run back to their bio families because they only remember the good moments and that they just miss their first attachments. They technically remember the "bad" but it is irrelevant in their minds.
Like when a couple breaks up. The one who was broken up with only remembers how wonderful everything was; while the person who did the "breaking" focuses on the bad. But over time that changes. One will realize it wasn't all wonderful, and the other will remember it wasn't all bad.
She will realize as she grows that this is her true family and where she is meant to be. It will just take time.