Friday, April 6, 2012


Every two to three weeks I get a call from Lizzy's bio dad. He has kinda ditched the pleasantries and now says something to the effect of "I was just calling to see how boogi's doing" and I tell him good. Then today he said he wanted to wish her Happy Easter and I told him she wasn't with me and he was like, "ok, bye.". Not quite that rude, but pretty close.

I am sure he is annoyed that we don't let him see her because we aren't supposed to...but does he really think that if he is short with me and sounds annoyed I am going to keep answering his calls? Last time he called I finally told him that I was eight and a half months pregnant and he didn't even ask "how does Lizzy like the new baby?"....nothing.

I have a bad attitude when people start treating me like crap. What would make them think that would help talk me into letting them see her when this is over? I have a feeling that the bed they are making for themselves is not going to include any contact ever with Lizzy.


StarfishMom said...

I would get a new cell number. Even though it might be good in the future for you to be able to get in touch with them...Lizzy is thriving with you. She deserves this 'start over' and her new life!!! P.S.- How IS she doing with the new baby!!?!? :)

Mrs. Bird said...

Sorry :( ps. I emailed you...not sure if I emailed the right was from along time ago...