Wednesday, April 25, 2012


So, our paper work is back as far as substity goes and guess what? Yes, she DID get Medicaid.

The adoption worker sounded which I wanted to say " of course she did, silly, because she was supposed to."

We are on day one of no red dye and very little sugar and gluten. I decided to keep dairy.

So far she really liked breakfast and lunch but still has asked for candy, chocolate, birthday cake and ice cream...and she has only been out of bed for four hours. Lol

She handled it fine when I told her no.

We will see how things go as the days go on!


FootPrints said...

Wow such a big change in diet!! Glad she's taking it well!!

In our state when you adopt a child from foster care you get to keep the states medical till 18 or 23 with college. Is it not the same where you live?

Endless Love ~ Amazing Grace said...

I bet you'll see big changes from the new diet!

Anonymous said...

It is always wonder, surprise and joy when the system works in favor of children. ALWAYS.
Glad it happened for you.

Mrs. Bird said...

Glad for you :) I hope the new diet helps!

Our Journey said...

Check out the Natural Candy Store (just do a google search) It has GFCF, Feingold friendly, all-natural organic candy. It's still candy, but it's nice to have something to offer my kids that won't go against the diet but can still let them be a kid :)

Jess said...

I've been reading your blog for a while. We've been through similar things.

Good luck on the diet part. We've had to do some of those changes as well.

I would love it if you joined my blog writing prompt to raise awareness of Foster Care issues in the Month of May. Have a great day!