Monday, March 5, 2012


Lizzy's adoption worker and social worker came over today. Lizzy was being...not so nice before they got here. After they go here she actually was very nice to both of them and appeared to be sweet little girl. Good job stinker. :)

There is not much to note, everything is going as planned. The adoption worker has a lot done and the foster care worker is just monitoring really.

My favorite quote from today was:

"I am going to make it look like I searched for a relative to adopt her, but I'm not going to be looking any further. If she is in a stable home that wants to adopt her that is what I want."


Pipsylou said...

Just a wild guess here, but I bet your social worker didn't just graduate from college say, a year or so ago. Seems like the younger ones are gung-ho for reunification no matter the cost to the child. I'm so glad she has someone in HER corner!

StarfishMom said...

FINALLY!!! A caseworker with a conscience!!!! :)

Carol said...

Interesting that she said she was looking like she was trying to find a family member since the actual state policy says (and I have read this myself) that after a year in a placement, the foster family has the first rights next to biological parents. It is also current policy to question any family member that comes forward saying they want a child whose parental rights have been terminated. The question being, "Where have you been all of these months while someone else (foster parents) was taking care of this child and you showed no interest. It also looks pretty fishy when a family member comes forward after termination--that the relative is actually saying they will adopt the child, but their intention is to give the child back to their bio parents.

Sophie said...

Surprised she said that even if she was thinking it. Proud someone has the guts to actually speak their mind and do what they know is right for the child. I love your social worker almost as I love mine. :)

So excited and so glad things are still moving forward. When I saw the title I got a sick feeling. You did that on purpose, didn't you? Haha not funny. :)

Mama P said...

That's the best quote of the year! LOL

ashley said...

a caseworker with a heart...and sense :)