Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I'm still here...getting ready to go to the hospital on Friday super early for my c section.

I have three different people watching Lizzy while I am gone. My in laws the first day, my sister the next and a friend from church the next. I hope they let me come home on Sunday but who knows what will go on. I have different people watching her because she is a bit some people.

I don't have a hard time with her besides the occasional fit in public that embarrasses me, but she tends to listen to me and tune everyone else out. I think she will be good for the people watching her. She knows them and likes them. I hope that she has enough fun that she wont be a brat. :)

And for all of you wondering, no, none of these people had to be approved to watch her by my agency or go to a CPR class. You know, I have never even been required to go to a CPR class. Apparently at my agency I am allowed to Leave the kids with anyone I deem fit. Yeah, I know. But, it does make things easier on me in this situation.


Mie said...

You have to give your personal information to the birth family but you don't have to go to CPR. That makes absolutely no sense.

Good luck!

Carrie said...

Praying all goes well! Congratulations in advance :)

Sophie said...


Our Journey said...

Wow! You don't have to have people approved?? All our babysitters have to be background checked in order to watch them in our home. If we want to take them to their house they have to be fingerprinted and have a home study! Right now as I am searching for a babysitter for a night out for the f.p. appreciation banquet it would be nice to use some one who I deemed "appropriate"!

Congrats on your new baby! Friday is a big day for us so our kiddos will share a birthday!

Carol said...

I don't believe that Mama Foster has ever said that she is "required" to give her personal information to the bio family. Maybe I am wrong.

We are licensed through the state and not an agency in the same state that Mama is. We are told that we can use anyone for babysitting that we would use for our own kids. They must be 18 or older.

Whereas CPR is not required, 6 hrs continuing ed is required by the state each year and CPR is on that list. To get a daycare license CPR is required. May not make a lot of sense I guess.

Wishing you and baby well. Also wishing Lizzy and care givers the best. Will be praying for you. Blessings.

MamaFoster said...

out of curiosity what personal information did you think I mention that I had to give them?

i know i have told everyone many times about my phone number, but that was not required, I just did it because it made things easier on me (not in the long run, in the short term)

they do not have my address and the agency does not want them to have it anyway.

they could have gotten my full name (first and last) from the sign in sheet in the waiting room, but I started writing it on there with my last name totally illegible.

they have had access to my license plate because of the parking situation at the agency...which is ridiculous...

anyway, I think you may have just meant in general, but i was curious :)

Cindy said...

Good luck on Friday! That is so exciting that in just a couple days you will have a new little baby.

We can leave the foster kids with anyone that we choose as well as long as it is not overnight. They assume that the foster parents will have good judgement and will leave the kids with responsible people that we would trust our own kids with. If we need to leave overnight, which we have only done once when I had my last baby and was in the hospital, then they have to be background checked and watch them in our home or stay at the home of another licensed foster family. We just had grandma and grandpa background checked and had them stay at our house so it would be easier on the little boy we had. I cannot imagine having to only leave them with someone who was background checked or licensed. I don't leave my kids much but I do occasionally leave them with another mom so that I can go to court or go volunteer at the school or go to a doctor visit, things like that. I love doing foster care but if I could only leave them with someone background checked or licensed I would not do foster care. That in my opinion, is ridiculous and just making foster parents jump through too many hoops!! And foster parents here don't have to be CPR trained either but they are trying to get that changed, which I think is a good thing.

MamaFoster said...

Lol, I am allowed to leave them over night for at least a week. I am sure of that because of trying to get respite care last April when they didn't want to help me and were practically willing to let me leave them with a hobo because they didn't want to deal with it

Kelli said...

I assumed they meant fingerprints, ssn and all that, but it is true that legal parents could find out more about you if they wanted to, or were not strung out at nephew was in foster care and we would go to visits as cps where mom would hide under cars in the parking lot waiting for the foster parents to come out with him. so sad.....and scary. she finally got locked up and we were more at peace :)

Congratulations on baby!! Can't wait to see her face

Denver Laura said...

In Colorado, you can leave your foster kids with anyone over 16 for a short period of time, 18+ if over 6 hours but they have to have CPR, First Aid and a background check if they keep the kid over 8 hours regardless if at their home or yours.

As foster parents, we have to be first aid and CPR certified and get a background check only the first year. We had to have another background check done when we adopted because it had been over a year since we had the initial one done.

Andrea said...

We have three agencies that share the foster parents pool. My second baby was from the county I'm not in and they let us use anyone we would leave our own children with. My agency makes everyone have background checks first. It's a pain, a lot of people don't want to be listed under DSS background check in other background checks. My friends husband is a police officer and when they check his record all it would say is "DSS background check." But wouldn't say why. So a lot of people say no. So I have to depend on other foster parents for babysitting. Needless to say, I don't get out much. LOL. Good luck on Friday!!!!

Bobbie said...

don't worry--i was CPR certified when I worked at the daycare. ;) However, I wish they would've given us all a handout with illustrations and instructions to keep on the fridge forever.... i'll be google-ing that now.