Monday, September 9, 2013


In case any of you were wondering which name won the vote I had a while ago...

This was the name that was chosen, but if you look at the voting on the link I posted it really is not the name that won the vote.  Oh well, I agreed with you guys, but, in the end, this was the right name for THIS book.

There may or may not be a 2nd book someday...shhhhhh...we will discuss that much much much later.

Anyway, if you want to see excerpt from the book (which I will start sharing tomorrow), or be kept up to date on the actual release of the book (the end of Fall 2013) you can head over to our facebook page to become a fan.

We are so excited to get this book DONE and into our hands...and yours!!!


Kelly said...

So excited about this and hate I let the ball drop to be included. Perhaps I can be included in the next book. heehee

FootPrints said...

can't wait

Mitzy said...

Looking forward to reading this.