Friday, September 13, 2013


I thought the day would never come, but Lizzy is FINALLY in pre-school.  She is RIGHT at the cut off date for being too young to start Kindergarten this year.  That is a very very good thing.

#1 She is socially immature
#2 She is just now starting to get a handle on her impulse control
#3 She would have been in the same class as my 5 year old
#4 My 5 year old would have made Lizzy look...not so smart

It is a very very good thing that she is not in Kindergarten this year...even though I would like her to be going to school full days and not two half days a week.

This is a good practice run for next year.

P.S. This is a pic I took to send to her bio dad of her first day of school...yes, even after he threatened to try to get her back even though she is adopted.  Apparently I will spend the next 14 years of my life learning to be the bigger person (who am I kidding, try the rest of my life period.)


Glorified Babysitter said...

I love it :), I like your comment the rest of your life...sure the next 14 might be more frequent, but there will always be college graduations, wedding, grandkids, grandkids birthday parties :)

POWmom01 said...

I know I will always feel the need to let Happy Baby's biomom know what's going on in his life even if she doesn't respond. Biomom is my cousin so there will ALWAYS be a connection.

FootPrints said...

haha learning to be the bigger person haha

sometimes i through a "why do i have to be the bigger person" tantrum!