Monday, September 16, 2013

Fo real.

Getting a house ready to sell with seven kids in it may be impossible.

Uggghhhh. Makes me wanna cry!

So much to do and literally no time to do it.


Pam said...

each kid only gets a min. amy of toys...everything else gets packed up and put into storage...and that includes anything that can be used to mark the walls l
less to clean up when that 15 min warning call comes from the realtor
just keep a few empty laundry baskets that you can throw everything "cluttery" into and take with you (or hide them behind the couch )when you leave the house .
and invest in a cleaning service, even if they just do the kitchen and bathrooms once a week. Those are the hardest rooms to keep show ready

Or, if you can swing it...just move into your new house before selling the old one...much easier to clean an empty or "staged" house when you're not living in it.
Good luck. I do not envy you.

Vertical Mom said...

Pretty much ditto what Pam said.

Learning to Parent said...

That is good advice from the first poster! I was so lucky that we were able to move before putting our house on the market. I don't know how I could have done it otherwise, there were just too many people and too much stuff crammed into a tiny space!

FootPrints said...

excellent ideas Pam!! Good luck!

mjm said...

Great advice Pam. Also remember- DON'T be shy about asking for help from friends and family icluding your church family.