Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Three of my kids are off at school.

Two are watching "Sophia the First", a new love in this house.

The one year is sitting on me and cries if i move.

The nine month old is experimenting with broccoli in the high hair, but is starting to complain,

My days all run together and I get way less showers than I used to.  Every minute of my day seems to be spent filling a need of one child or another.

I chose this.
I love it.
It overwhelms me.

I am not very good at it though, at least in my own opinion.

I am not very patient.
I am not always loving.

But, I am more patient than I used to be.
More forgiving than I used to be.
And better at this than I used to be.

Who knows, by the time I grandchildren I might actaully have this down.


mjm said...

Don't be too hard on yourself. It WILL get easier with every day. :)

Glorified Babysitter said...

Amen, better than I used to be :), that's all we can ask for! :) fyi- from my point of view it seems you have it all together.