Friday, December 14, 2012

Baby. A new one.

The bio mom of the 3 kids we are in the process of adopting had a baby.   About 4 days ago.

They called to ask if we would take her.

I could believe the words coming out of my mouth.

"Yes, we will take her."

Baby tested positive for marijuana in her system and because of the last three being terminated on they should have never let them take the baby home with them.

But they did.

So, now, we wait.

Bio mom listed her address as her dads address with the hospital and when cps went there dad (grandpa) said he hasn't even seen them.

Cps is looking for them.  We will see what happens from here.

In the mean's time to get a bigger car.


Rachael said...

HOLY COW. Did you know the mom was pregnant? What a Christmas this will be! (Is there anything you all need? Drop me a line if you can think of anything - I imagine you have your hands very, very full right now.)

Karen said...

Haha! Wish I was closer so I could lend a hand. Obviously God was preparing your heart when you saw that adoption listing online the other week, so that your heart would be willing and ready to say "Yes!!!" to another one. Wow. I love your willing hearts. Praying for your family, and that they are able to locate them quickly.

Allison said...

Oh my God, amazing! Praying for your newest miracle!!

Jennifer said...

We just bought a Nissan NV for our crew (6 kids) and love it. Check it out and good luck!

To Foster A Life said...

I hope they find that baby soon, for everyone's sake!

Beck G. said...

Oh my oh my.
God surely has a plan.
So excited to hear what's next!

Pipsylou said...

holy crapola.

Carol said...

When a phone call comes telling of a sibling to kids who are already part of your family it is a no brainer. No choices to be made-exciting and scary at the same time.

A warning here, a word to the wise, though, even though this looks like a done deal, it may not be. We had one go back after 8 mo. Mom has been a drug user, has mental health issues, had just gotten out of prison (for a violent crime plead down to arson)when she got pregnant.

Yes the system should say that this baby has come home, but who knows.

For now enjoy your full quiver and blessings on you. Thank you for your willingness to be used by God.

Glorified Babysitter said...

You're a saint! How exciting!!! :-) and baby makes 7 - WOW! I continue to be amazed at how God has grown your family this year. 2 daughters at first then 3 more kids and now another...and the provisions he's made for you and your husband. I'm so so happy and excited for you guys! :)

Cindy said...

Wow. So glad they found the baby. You and your husband are amazing. We can barely handle our two biological children at times. God is definitely with you!