Thursday, October 25, 2012


Time is ticking away.

Our children's foster mom is spending her days very busy with my kids and her new placement.  I think she has around 7 kids right now.

H-O-L-Y cow.

She has been getting the kids ready to move.  Bringing it up and doing a count down with them.

She is so close to our little one who is 2 years old.

She was telling her that she is moving to our house and she won't be going back.

In her 2 year old sing song-y voice she would reply "Yes, I am..."

And her foster mom would say "No, your not."

And eventually my sweet baby looked at the only mom she has ever known and said, "I'm leaving you." and started bawling.

Her first real mom bawled along with her.

I feel so bad for what she is loosing.

But, I can't wait for the day she feels that way about ME.


aka. Mimi said...

:( I know this has to be so bittersweet for you. A new beginning for your family, but a sad goodbye for your little ones and their first "mama." Praying for their hearts and that your love for them fills the hurt quickly. I have no doubts it will! <>

Deb said...

I remember packing up our 2 year old to move with her grandpa. So emotionally draining. Praying for their sweet hearts.

FootPrints said...

oh my gosh. now i wanna cry too! how amazing that little girl who once belonged to no one, now has two women that love her as their own. god is good.

Margie said...

The very reason foster care was sooo hard for me to do. Sweet lady. May God richly bless her for all she has invested in your kids and others.

Bobbie said...

That's so sad