Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Everything has been going great, it is just a little crazy around here.

It is wonderful having the kids here on the weekends, but we have finally gotten to the part where the kids don't want to go back to their foster home and we had a pretty big melt down from our new 4 year old daughter when it was time for my husband to take them home.

Thankfully their foster mom and I are on the same page and we would like to move them in permanently the last weekend of October, right before Halloween.

BUT, as you all know, paper work is an issue.  Always.

And politics as well, not fun.

So, in my state we have DHS who is in charge of everything.  They contract everything out to the private agencies, but DHS still has the final say.  Well, in our scenario we have quite a few players involved:

-DHS from the county the kids are from
-the private agency that the kid's foster case has
-our agency that we are licensed through
-our DHS, because we are not from the same county as the kids

Lots of workers and lots of people to get everything confused.

As of last week I was told that the kid's DHS was going to refuse to work with our agency and was going to ask them to basically give our license and home study to the kid's private agency that is handling their foster case along with now their adoption case.

This is not the way things usually go and is actually a big slap in my agency's face, but this DHS has had issues with my agency (I understand because I have had issues with my own agency) and they don't want to work with them.

All that being said, it is stressful not know what is going to happen.

Would my agency fight them on that?

Would everyone get sick of this and want to change things all together?

Would some how we get cut out of the picture?

Would we need to drop our agency (which I would have been fine with) and start all over with the kid's agency?

As of even this morning this was still where everything was.

My agency's adoption worker called me this afternoon and told me that she had gotten an email saying that the kid's DHS was going to hand the kid's foster case AND adoption case over to my agency.


This is the opposite of what I heard all last week and even just this morning!  I even had my worker read me the email because I was so shocked.

It appears that someone changed their mind completely...either that or someone is very very confused.  Please pray that they ARE transferring everything to my agency, that would make everything fall into place wonderfully!!!!!!!!!!!


Vertical Mom said...

The Lord will fight for you; you need only be still. ~Exodus 14:14

Looks like Jesus is doing some water-walking for you ;-)

Rebekah said...

We were in a similar situation with LJ. Our initial meeting to talk about transition had a roomful of workers there - none of whom knew LJ's case very well. I supplied most of the answers to questions! In a matter of days his case did get moved to our agency and things went much smoother from there.

Praying that happens for you!

Stacey said...

Sounds like God to me!! This is awesome news!

Oldqueen44 said...

All for the sake of "What's best for the kids"

They use that phrase very loosely.
I pray it woks out the way the ones that really care, want it to.

FootPrints said...

oh man! take a breath and give it to god!