Friday, June 15, 2012


Where did this past week go?

Nothing too life shattering has happened around here.

Lizzy continues to do better and better. She is learning that I mean what I say, but it seems to me that I have to make sure that I am on good behavior in order for her to be on good behavior.

Me crabby=crabby Lizzy

Wish I would have figured that out a while ago. I make an extra effort to smile at her when she is looking at me EVEN if I was just irate about something she did seconds ago. I really want her to know I love her, no matter what.

We got our LAST FOSTER CARE PAYMENT in the mail today. Yea!!! We should be getting monthly money from the state soon which will actually be a little more than we got when we were fostering (go figure) so it isn't like we aren't getting money for her still (just being honest), but seeing the last check from the agency --- that was VERY nice :)


Mie said...

Your adoption subsidy is more than your foster care subsidy? Wow.

Carol said...

Good feeling I am sure to be done with the agency in your life.

The adoption subsidy in our state being more than foster care payments is because in addition to the regular foster payments, there is a bi annual clothing allowance and a small amount at Christmas. All of those add ons are added to the daily rate for 365 days and divided by 12 and a check comes once a month.

kate said...

I had no idea there was such a thing as an adoption subsidy! Is it for every child adopted through foster care? Everywhere?

MamaFoster said...

kate, it is for children when are considered "special needs". lizzy was "special needs" because she was 3 years old before we adopted her. that was the only special need. some times it is because it is a larger hard to place sibling group, or adhd, ect.

i believe it is in every state

Carol said...

I believe every state has adoption subsidy but they may have different criteria.

Sophie said...

Such a huge responsibility we have as moms. Our attitude sets the stage for so much that happens in our homes. If I am honest, there are days that I am grumpy and perhaps a bit resentful that I can't just be grumpy and the other members of the family fill in the gaps for me. They just fall in the grumpy trap with me then it's up to me to pull all of us out. :)