Saturday, June 2, 2012


Well, it is the end of an era for us. While I am keeping our foster license open with our current foster agency we will not be taking any new foster cases from them.


We, me and all the kids, went to pick up some paperwork there for Lizzy's adoption and afterward Lizzy peed her pants three times in a row. This child is very potty trained.

I don't know if it was her missing the bio that she really cared for or if it was the memories of being dragged away from me kicking and screaming to be put in a room with a man she was afraid of, but regardless, if I can avoid it she will not have to go there ever again.

So, unless I want to change agencies, which I am too busy for right now anyway, we are done fostering...for now.

We are still very much looking into the 3 children that are now available for adoption. Last time I spoke with their foster mom she told me that she had told them that they would not be seeing their bios anymore and that they would be getting a new family (no one knows who that will be yet). The oldest child was excited and asked if he would have "buzz and woody" stickers on the walls of his new room. She told me that she planned on getting some to send with him where ever he goes. Tonight we went to Target and as we looked around I saw a set of that wall decals he wanted. It was the last one. I told hubby what the oldest had said as I looked at the wall decals. He said, "get them. Even if he does come to live with us he should get them." So, we bought them and I am going to send them to his foster mom for him.

Who knows, eventually they might come back to me...along with three beautiful little faces.


StarfishMom said...

Praying God opens the door :)

Unknown said...

Sometimes a break is good. Love your decision to get the decals. Looking forward to the possibility of seeing them on one of your walls in the near future. :)

Anonymous said...

Hope leaving fostering for now does not mean leaving blogging.
Taking time for yourselves and your family is important because the future is always unknown and the present does not come again.
Best wishes, a constant reader.