Tuesday, May 29, 2012


So, I mentioned a sibling group of three a while back.

Here is what I knew before today:

1. Mom's rights were terminated first.

2. Dad's rights were terminated recently.

3. Mom's uncle and aunt are licensed foster parents and they were considering taking the kids.

4. To foster Mom's knowledge there was no one else in line for them.

Today I found out:

1. The uncle and aunt foster parents decided NOT to adopt them because of many reasons, such as their own health issues and how many children they already have.

2. I found out what agency holds their adoption file.

3. I found out after talking to the adoption worker that there is ANOTHER friend or relative of the family who called and would like to take the kids, BUT according to the worker, they do not have room for the kids in their home, nor do they have enough income to qualify to adopt the kids.

So, where does that leave the kids?

The worker has to assess this friend/relative anyway and officially rule them out before she can try to find/choose a family for them. She said she is quite busy, but will try to do this as soon as possible. I am going to email her a copy of out home study for her to look over so we can "get in line" so to speak.

So, where are we in all of this?

We are fine with whatever God wants for these kids. If a relative ends up getting them we are fine with that. If the adoption agency decides they want one of their families to adopt them we are fine with that. If God decides HE wants them here, well, they will get here. I am sure of that.

Either way it goes it is such an opposite extreme of happiness. If we only have three kids that will be nice, easy and happy. If we end up with six it will be exciting, hard and a blessing as well.

We will see what God does...because goodness knows I have no idea how this will end. :)

for the people when have asked:
boy- 6 yr old
girl-4 1/2 yr old
girl-2 yr old


Rebekah said...

Either way it's a win for the kids to have a family of their own. That's why God's plans are so cool.

It's not always easy to be flexible, but there sure is a lot of peace there. I admire you!

Glorified Babysitter said...

How old are they...and what genders are they? (Just curious :))

Stacey said...

Yay! =) You have not because you ask not...James tells us that. And guess what!?! From what I can tell, you are asking. Expect to have.

And, by the way, we need more pictures of your most recent addition! Just a request. Not an order! =)

La Mama Loca said...

Four girls rock! :D My son would love to add another brother or two to the mix though!

Hope you know more soon!

Pam said...

love you guys! I can really see you with 6 kids and loving (almost) every minute of it. :)

Rachael said...

The waiting part is so hard for me! I hope this all shakes out in good time, and I can't wait for further updates! (And yes, I'm also curious about ages and genders!)