Friday, February 17, 2012


I miss my kids that aren't here anymore every. single. day.


Kylee said...

: ( I'm not even a foster mama, but still have a similar feeling with my foster siblings.
On Wednesday was one of our girls birthday and today is another one of our boys. Our little girl was with us when she was 1, and turned 11 on Wednesday. I just couldn't help wondering if she was bringing cupcakes to share with her 5th grade class.

It's amazing that such a fierce love can develop in just a few months. Blessed to know these kids, but I sure do miss them.

Thinking of you today!

Rachael said...

I sort of want to send this to everyone I know who has said, "Oh, I bet it gets easier." Of course it doesn't get easier, you ninny.

Sending comfort your way.