Thursday, March 17, 2011


I have an hour to kill between picking Lizzy up from her visit with her mom and picking up my son from school on Wednesdays. It kinda stinks because there isn't anything around there to do that is "easy" with 3 toddlers for an hour that won't end with them screaming over something at some point.

This Wednesday I decided to take all of the girls to a little mall 5 minutes from my son's school. It is usually pretty empty and I figured they could run through the halls if they wanted to. We ended up riding a few quarter rides which they LOVED and I found a vending machine that had M&M's in it so I bought a pack and we went to look at the fountain "water". I had to stop Lizzy from going in head first at least three times. The kids did ok, I would consider doing it again. I am just happy that I have finally gotten them to listen to me well enough that I can handle them all in public by myself now.

Oh, and Lizzy only screamed for most of the time that we walked down the LONG hall to the exit when we were done. :) *sigh*


mamamargie said...

I'm impressed!

Penelope said...

Great job! Anytime I try something like that it's nap time and the kids are all cranky. I can't believe you found quarter rides. Our mall charges $1.25 per ride!!!

Kelli said...

3 toddlers and no one ended up wet....great job!!! I hate having time to me nuts in the car or the hassle to getting them out and into a public place where they have the ability to destroy me....choices...choices :)