Thursday, March 10, 2011


*me and Lizzy*

Dear Lizzy's Mom,

There are many many many things that I have decided to ignore that you do or have told me about that make me feel like fighting tooth and nail to NOT let this child be placed back in your care. In fact, if I wasn't scared to death that she would end up with that horrid man you were married to when you gave birth to this child I would say more and be more proactive in trying to relieve you of your parent rights to her.

She deserves better.

Regardless, I often choose to ignore you cutting your visits short by 3 HOURS so you can go home and sleep and how you don't even take care of her while you do spend time with her.

But, getting into a huge fight with Lizzy's social worker THE WEEK BEFORE COURT is not a good plan. Calling her "every name in the book" is probably not going to help you and to top it off the social worker is now asking if you are back on drugs - that is not a good sign. Do you think it made everyone suspicious when you canceled your home study for this week? I am sure it didn't. Letting me know in a "I'm not a good liar" kind of way that people are currently smoking pot in your home is not a good plan either.

In one day you probably set your case back 3 months. I guess this is what you do though. Your daughter was gone for 3 months with relatives and you did NOTHING to get her back...well, except for getting throw in jail for 30 days which cleaned you up so you could actually pass a drug test when you got out.

Please, Lizzy's mom, she is going to go home to you, I am sure, but you have to do better than this.



Penelope said...

Oh no, girl! Lizzie is NOT going back to live with her egg donor. You have significant contact whereas the egg donor has not. Praying for peace for you!

Carol said...

In the world of foster care, there is only one thing you can be sure of and that is you can't be sure of anything. Things may look like they are going one way and they will actually turn out the exact opposite. Just because they tell you something is going to happen, doesn't mean that it will happen.

Anonymous said...

Ugh.... my heart aches for your little one. It's crazy what they go through because of the insanity that their bio parents live.

Debbie said...

Oh my Lord. This woman needs to get with it or get out of it. She is obviously enjoying not being a parent.

mamamargie said...

Sad. So sad.