Sunday, March 10, 2013


Lizzy's bio dad decided to blow up my phone after asking me to have her call him and me ignoring him.

She is a mess after anything reminds her of her foster care days, including him.

I am getting to the point where I will probably tell him that she is ready to move on.  She doesn't ask for him or ask to call him.  I give her opportunities to talk about him and she has no interest.

I want her to be happy.  She is sure that I am her mom, my husband is her dad, we are her family...because we are.

I just was surprised that he decided to call me three times in a row to try to "make" me let him talk to her.

It just makes me want to push him away.


StarfishMom said...

I agree. She needs to move on. Can you block his number?

Katelyn said...

I'm assuming there is no court-ordered open adoption plan...while I agree that it may not be in Lizzy's best interest to have contact right now, while she's healing and attaching, it may become more appropriate in the future. Can you set up an email account and update him once or twice a year? Just to keep lines of communication open? I have contact with the twins' sister like this. I explained to her that right now they need some space, but I have updated her on them, and vice versa and shared a few photos...she'd rather have actual contact but she complies so I don't ut off all communication.

Mie said...

Call. Block.