Thursday, August 1, 2013


When I went to pick Sabrina up I took my one year old and my 5 year old daughters.  I pulled in the driveway and mom, grandma and sabrina spilled out of the trailer into the driveway like they normally do.  mom and grandma were encouraging sabrina to have fun and spend the night, but both mentioned to me that they weren't sure she would stay the whole night.  they said that she had stayed the night next door to them and said that she claimed she couldn't sleep at all there and was up all night.

i loaded sabrina up and she and my 5 year old played barbies the whole way back to  my house.  when we pulled in the driveway sabrina ran in the house like she had been there a million times.  which, she has, but that was 2 1/2 years ago.  she ran inside.  my husband and son met her and gave her a hug and told her that they were glad she was here.

she ran off with my young tribe of children and played the day away with them.  i have my hands full every day with the babies so between making meals and taking care of kids i didn't have any alone time with sabrina, but she didn't seem to  need any.  she just played with all the kids.

they played with babies, barbies and dress up clothes.  we had pizza for dinner.  it just just normal weekend stuff.  i knew sabrina's mom lets her stay up VERY late so i decided to do the same in hopes that she wouldn't freak out and want to go home at 11 pm.  it worked.  i let all the kids stay up until past midnight (oh my word, i will never do that again if i don't have to) and eventually sabrina asked if it was bed time.  i put the kids in bed and hugged each one good night, said "i love you" and gave them a kiss.  the smile on sabrina's face when it was her turn was priceless.  i left the room and checked on her later and she was out like a light.

i guess this is where i should mention "the bear".  when i picked up sabrina from her mom's house her mom showed me a bear that she packed for her.  she said, "she sleeps with this every night and WILL NOT sleep without it!  if she misplaces it even at home we have to tear the whole house apart looking for it because she HAS to have it.  Please keep an eye on it."  the bear looks like your typical worn out beloved baby bear.  she never had anything that she HAD to sleep with at my house so i found this interesting.  it wasn't until the car ride home that i found out what the deal with the bear was.  sabrina told me that in one of the pictures in the photo albums i made for her to take with her when she was returned to bio mom she was holding that bear in her bedroom at our house.  i have known for a while that she looks at those albums a lot.  well, it turns out that, after seeing that bear and connecting it with our house, she latched onto it and has been obsessed with it ever since returning to her bio mom's house.

This is just one of the things that had me in tears after I dropped her off on Sunday.  I will share more later.  It is 3 am...and I have kids to take care of in the morning.


StarfishMom said...

<3 She remembers.

Unknown said...

ugh!!! that would bust me up inside, hearing that. Wow! She clearly enjoyed the peace that rests in your home.

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Unknown said...

My first placement of 2 sisters ends next Friday. This gives me hope that even though mom doesn't like me, maybe we can keep in touch a little.
Hugs for an amazing weekend

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