Monday, April 8, 2013

Until the bitter end.

When we became the kids legal guardians (we still have to finalize this adoption on May 10th, 2013), the court sent out a letter to the "Grandma" who claimed she wanted to adopt the children, but could not be approved to do so, letting her know that she has 56 days to file an appeal if she would like to.

Ok.  This lady never took the time to try to get the kids out of foster care for the 2 years they were in foster care.

She then "wanted to adopt them", but, on top of having issues such as a criminal background, no stable income, no room in her house for them, ect, she WOULD NEVER CALL THE ADOPTION AGENCY BACK IN ORDER TO FIND OUT IF SHE HAD BEEN DENIED OR APPROVED.


So, she got the paper letting her know about her timeline to appeal the denial of her "home study" and now she is calling around acting like some of the information was incorrect.

To top it off she isn't even calling the right people.

To file for an appeal she needs to contact the board that denied her.  Well, she is just calling around to the adoption workers who have no say in it anyway.  She left our adoption worker a message and then when our adoption worker called her she said. "I am at the doctor, call me back." which our worker did.  But she didn't answer and her voice mail could not receive any new messages.  Our worker said she isn't calling her back.  She documented that she called and it doesn't matter because she isn't even the right person to call.

"Grandma" has about 20 - 25 more days until her time is up.  I know it will come and go.

I am just so excited to finalize this.


Alison said...

Ditto to it all. Actually going through the same thing right now. This is one thing i wish i was alone on! Too ridiculous to even comprehend.

Alicia (aka "Yaya") said...

After we had foster-adopt placement and were set to finalize the judge realized parental rights weren't terminated in the right way and gave both birth parents the right to change their minds. Longest 30 days of my life.

Anonymous said...

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