Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Lizzy...the saga

I keep texting Lizzy's bio dad pics of her...because I said I would.  He has been nice every time and not said anything that concerns me, you know, like "I am going to get a lawyer and try to get her back".

I search and search and search about how the laws have changed in my state and, honestly, I DO wonder what would happen if he got the RIGHT lawyer in front of the RIGHT judge...well, I just wonder what would happen.

I was happy to read though that in the law there is a time limit for all of this.  Either the bio father has to establish paternity before the child turns 3 years old (Lizzy is 4 years old) OR within a year of the law changing.  That is what possibly COULD give him time to try to do something...even though I know he won't.

So, as of June 2012 he will be out of luck NO MATTER WHAT.

Even though I think he already is anyway.

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