Thursday, November 1, 2012


Lizzy loves "the kids" as she calls our 3 newest children.

LOVES to play with them.

LOVES having friends around.

She really is tickled to have other people her age around.  She does GREAT almost all the time sharing.  She has done amazingly well.

She HAS shown some wear and tear over this life changing move.

Yesterday she got in trouble and was sent to bed.  After she got up she just wanted to lay on me.

So, while everyone ran and played around us, we cuddled.

She is my girl and I love her.  Her place in our family will not change and I TRULY believe this addition to our family (all 3 of them) will be SO good for her.

It is beyond obvious to me that Lizzy is behind.  She is very immature socially and has "very poor impulse control".  She copies everything all the kids say.  She acts SO much more like the 2 year old than the 4 year old.

But, on the good end, being around the 4 year old is teaching her things and she is moving forward.  I thing she might just be "slow" when it comes to learning life skills and practical stuff.  I guess that might qualify her as slow...but, she isn't what I think of when I think of slow.

Regardless, I am so glad she is here and she is mine.  She is amazing in so many ways that acting "young" for her age isn't of much concern.


Carol said...

Blessings as you all adjust.

Allison said...

She's still verrrry young & that kind of delay is totally normal given all she's been through. I bet a year from now the old Lizzy behaviors will all have faded away. Hopefully this is her last huge life changing event for a long time so everyone can adjust. ::thoughts and prayers for your family!::

Vertical Mom said...

She's just a late bloomer. Sometimes peer pressure is a good thing. It has been for our Little Man!

Kylee said...

We have one who acts "young" too, and you're right, the joy of knowing she is safe in our home makes everything else seem minimal in comparison. What a privilege we have in getting to love these kids. Continued thoughts and prayers for you during this adjustment!