Sunday, August 19, 2012

My kids.

My baby is growing up so fast.

Her first tooth came thru today and she got up on all fours.

She is five months old.

We took her to a CHRISTmas store that is open year round here.

In August.

Why not right?

We also are looking a 8+ passenger vehicles.

Because we have lost are minds and are seriously thinking about adopting 3 kids.

If you hadn't heard yet.


Stacey said...

You lost your minds in exchange for Gods! You have the mind of Christ. =)

I personally love the Honda Pilot. Will own one someday, hopefully soon.

And that baby girl...OH MY! She is darling.

Kylee said...

I love this. I love that you have the cutest baby ever. I love that you're "losing" your minds and considering adopting 3 kids. I love that I'm finally reading blogs again after way.too.long.
I just LOVE this.

StarfishMom said...

Suburban seats 8
Toyota Sienna and Honda vans seat 8
Honda Pilot seats 8

I'd plan ahead and get the Nissan NV. That seats 12 :)

Aspiring Foster Mama said...

God is good.

Unknown said...

She is adorable! We just got rid of our 12 passenger van when we left houseparenting in May. I cried. But I figure if we ever make it back to ten children again, we can always get another!

PS. The 12 passenger was awesome, even when we just traveled with our family of five! We would take out the back rows and had room for everything! The gas mileage stinks on big vans, though.