Monday, August 27, 2012

i heart questions.

Q: Foster-to Adopt or Pre-Adoptive?

A: I think technically both lol. I don't think it makes a difference, but in THEIR agency's eyes it is probably pre-adoptive and in my agency's eyes it is probaby foster-to-adopt...we are looking at is as an adoption that will be finalized when it is allowed to be.

Q: How is your son doing?

A: He has moved from apprehensive to excited! We are so happy about this. He needed time to get used to the idea. You can read about his reaction here. Tonight in the car he informed us that we can NOT get more than 20 kids. 20 is the limit. (*snicker*)

Q: Is your first meeting with them on the blog?

A: A little bit, here it is, and this is the part out them:

"Anyway, when we went to meet Joseph for the first time at his foster home we also met his three new foster siblings that his foster mom had taken in. As we walked out the door with Joseph I had the weirdest feeling that I was visiting with the wrong child. I wanted to be taking the new sibling group of three out with us, not Joseph. As we left my husband even turned around and said to the foster mom, "Let us know if they ever come up for adoption.". Which is not very like my husband."


kate said...

Thanks so much for your answers! I do remember reading that about your visit to Joseph.

I'm glad to hear that your son continues to feel positively about this! (I was a little worried about him with the room swapping.) Too bad he'll only let you adopt 20.

Blessings and joy!

Unknown said...

The nudge of the Holy Sprirt! wow 20 I had to promise my husband I would only start with one! He so thinks I am going to fill this house up!

Plexus Prosperity Pipeline said...

I love that they are available for adoption! (and that you know where they've been)

Kateri said...

Thanks for the reminder. I remember you mentioning them now. That God of ours is so amazing!