Sunday, November 8, 2015

Orphan Sunday

Today is Orphan Sunday.

Back when I first stared fostering, I would say about one year into it, I did not understand how people around me just did not get it.  By 'get it' I mean, how can you see that there are CHILDREN that need homes and a family....and you just don't do anything?

I struggle with this, a lot.

Now, I do think I understand it more than I used to because there are ALOT of kids overseas that NEED to be adopted and I have yet to feel like I am supposed to do that.

Their are tons of special needs kids in the system that NEED homes, and yet I do not feel equipt to take that on either.

I understand that we each have our own place in this giant puzzle.  Quite frankly if we all jumped in and helped as many kids as humanly possible even that would not work because we ALL would be so burnt out and have no help.

The people in my life who have never adopted or fostered, but support me, actively support me, are such a gift.  When they love my kids it helps me.  When they watch them in the nursery at church it helps me.  When they babysit my kids it helps me.  When they give me their hand me down it helps me.

On days like Orphan Sunday, my 'message' is this:

There are kids who need families, desperately.  Please search your heart and see if you can help.  If adoption isn't for you, foster.  If fostering isn't for you, donate.  If donating isn't possible, gift your time and love.  Find a way to help, and help.  Even the smallest bit of help makes a world of difference in the orphan crisis.


Margie said...


Mrs. Hall said...

good post. It make no sense why people aren't actively in this type of world--caring for foster kids or doing respite. But I think its a calling type of thing.

Back when I was 19 and a complete flaming idiot, I first had the idea of being a foster mom. I met my husband 5 years later and after we had our three kids we became a foster family. So, for me, it was a calling and right timing thing as well.

anyway, good post!

Sky: Foster Mom said...

696 posts. That I've read in about two and a half weeks. I am so happy that you've made it to where you are now!

Annie said...

I miss your posts! I hope you'll be able to write again soon!

Anonymous said...

It is a little discouraging to wait and wait. Not for a child, because that means a child has been through a crisis and taken from his or her family, but for the case worker/home finder to finish my paperwork that I submitted two months ago. I "nagged" via email for the first month and now I'm just letting it rest for a bit. Though our state talks about being in such desperate need for foster parents, I wonder...

Rachel J said...

I know. And I just want to scream, "WAKE UP!" but I don't, because that would make them uncomfortable.

MamaFoster said...

Thank you! I love hearing from people who have read thru the entire blog because that is what I used to do lol I am so glad we have made it this far as well :)